Egypt to export Natural Gas beginning from the 2019

Egypt is determined to turn to the Natural Gas exporter and the first party of it will be sold as soon as January 2019, El Watan reported. It is not specified who will be importer of the Egyptian gas, though.

Egypt aims to become the center of the regional LNG trade. After discovering huge Zohr gas field at the sea shelf of the Alexandria it becomes reality. Several oil and gas deposits of minor scale was also discovered and auctioned to the foreign and state companies of Egypt. Minister of oil and gas El Molla says that the current output allows Egypt to cease gas imports in October and turn to the LNG export instead in January 2019:

It will be the beginning of gas self sufficiency, and we’ll begin exporting the surplus in January 2019.

With discovery of the Zohr field Egypt needs LNG port to sell the surplus. The most likely trade partners will be Italy, Spain and France.

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