Egypt aims to double tourist stream to the year 2020

The Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) which is in charge to promote tourism in the country is aiming to reach a goal of 20 million guests yearly to the 2020. The main source of the growth for the tourism sector is fellow Arabic countries and the internal tourism. The strategy has proven to be successful during the Ramadan and Eid-al-Fitr seasons. Hurghada and Sharm-el-Sheikh hotels were filled 90-100% while the overall part of the international visitors was only 50 to 60%.

Also, the inflow of tourists from Gulf countries has risen 23% Y2Y. These visitors can well fill the gap of changing attitudes towards Egyptian tourist destination because they can be viewed as relatively rich. Thus they can serve the same role as Westerners do now. ETA has opened bureau in Abu Dhabi to attract visitors from Arabic countries and Egyptian expatriates living in UAE. The share of Arabic tourists to the year 2020 should be around 35% and the total inflow of currency in the tourism sector should reach 26 billions of USD.

Tourism in Egypt is changing

Traditionally Egypt’s top tourism markets are Russia, the UK, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, and Poland. They account up to 75% of total visitors. But now, with fall of the rouble Russians are booking somewhat less tours. Ukrainian inflow is rapidly deteriorating as the overall salary in the country reached the miserable $250. Gulf countries tourists pay double per day and stay nearly twice longer than average Western tourist, so despite they share only 17% of all tourists the make a important income for the hotel and the shop keepers and restaurants. Obviously ETA’s first goal is further promotion of Egypt as a touristic destination for Gulf.

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