Telecom Egypt has reduced the prices

Telecom Egypt, also known as TE Data is most popular terrestrial Internet provider in Egypt. It has a market share of 65% and is controlled by government. In an effort to rise the overall Internet penetration rate in Egyptian population, which is relatively low, TE Data has reduced prices and slashed the low-speed data plans with effective data rates of 256Kbps and 512Kbps.

Egypt has 38.75 millions of Internet subscribers. Most of the get their connection by cables, but the mobile Internet growth is 35% year-to-year. There is a wide range of initiatives for growing the Internet user base in Egypt, fixing low reliability and speed of the Internet in Egypt. Well in the frame of these efforts lies the last TE Data price reduction. TE Data readies 4G-internet project in Egypt and will introduce it in Cairo in 2016.

New prices for Internet connection from TE Data:

Price monthly, L.E.SpeedData Limit

TE Data land lines are available everywhere where telephone land lines are present. Overall Internet penetration in Egypt is at 35% which is significantly lower than in other Arab countries.

2 thoughts on “Telecom Egypt has reduced the prices

  1. Dear Sirs,

    We want landlines in our area in Hurghada: Moubark 7

    Who do we have to contact to ask for placing the landlines?


    1. As far as I know Mu7 is not connected with landlines to the Hurghada. I do not know if there are plans for making it happen. All people in Mubarak 7, that I know use mobile internet.

      Try to talk with Telecom Egypt

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