Egypt cautiously sides with Saudi Arabia in the row with Canada

Egypt is taught to underline the state independence and sovereignty on the internal laws the hard way. Therefore Egypt position on a lot of international agenda topics is reflecting it’s own views and culture rather than ‘collective wisdom’ of the Western states. It comes especially clearly with the humanitarian and human right topics. Egypt does support capital punishment and Egypt opposes any initiatives that promotes homosexuality and other forms of what can be viewed as sin and perversion according the Books – The Bible and the Quran.

Saudia Arabia has made a strong stance towards Canada when the Canadian ambassador has crossed the line of diplomacy and criticized S.A. authorities on a human right and democracy topics. As a reaction to the ambassador’s statements Saudis proclaimed the ambassador a ‘persona non grata’. According to the common codex it is equal to breaking of diplomatic relations. Among other measures Saudi Arabia ordered a rapid sell off of all Canadian actives in possession of the vast investment funds.

Egypt is not seeking to support Saudis in full force, at least because economic agenda is out of reach. Instead of investment funds Egypt has a pile of debt and Canada is one of the nations that are forming IMF. It does not hold Egypt from the support of Saudi sovereignty, however.

FM Shoukri on Facebook commented:

…concerned by the crisis between Saudi Arabia and Canada, which is a result of the negative tendency by some international … sides of meddling in the internal affairs of countries in the region.

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