Hurghada city news

Beach at the Hurghada cityThe city of Hurghada is the capital of the beach tourism at Egypt’s African shore. The city hosts a population of 90 thousands of local residents and perhaps up to the 30 thousands of Russians, Germans. British expats also have a good share of the Hurghada slice however Hurghada is less popular among them than Sharm-el-Sheikh.

Hurghada offers a reasonably developed infrastructure, several decent schools and hospitals, safety and good weather all the year long. It is well connected to the Europe by cheap charter lines.

Hurghada city news are important for the big and diverse expat community as well as the tourists who come here for the perfect snorkeling, diving and sunbathing experience.

 News of the Hurghada city is published here. 

Putting mobile Internet in Hurghada to the test

Hurghada is not especially developed when it comes to Internet availability. Landlines do exist only in the central areas of the city. New districts are relying on the 3G-connections. If you ever wondered how do they offer Internet-connection in hotels – wonder no more: they use the same 3G-dongles plugged in the Wi-Fi routers. If you plan to live in Hurghada for a long time or you definitely need a backup connection for the likely case of temporal shutdown of the hotel one then you should look at the 3G providers in Hurghada.

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