Egypt condemns Houthi attack on VLLC, urges resistance

Egypt is concerned about the temporarily halting of oil shipments through narrow and strategic Bab El-Mandeb strait. Saudi Arabia has implemented it in the wake of Houthi attack on the VLCC in the Red Sea. VLCC sustained a minimal damage, however the danger for the navigation is very high. Egypt reaction was to swiftly condemn the Houthi, a Shiite adversaries of the Saudi regime in the Yemen civil war.

“The attack constitutes a flagrant violation of international laws and norms, which stipulates freedom of navigation on international waterways, aside from having a negative impact on freedom of movement for international trade,” says the statement by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

The statement underlines Egypt’s request for the international community to “work on the restoration of Yemeni legitimacy based on the international guidelines set out in UN Security Council Resolution 2216 (2015), the Gulf initiative, and the outcomes of Yemen’s national dialogue.” In fact, Egypt is sided with Saudi as ARE is heavily relying on the Kingdom’s funds. Saudi are relying on the Egypt’s military presence in the region.

The FM statement also urged for resistance against all terror acts that would destabilize the region.

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