Internet Control Law signed by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

President of the Arabian Republic of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi signed a law on the control of the Internet space, previously adopted by the Egyptian parliament in May. New law is tightening the regulations on the sited and domains, allows immediate closing of them, clarifies some issues on combating extremism and puts a criminal punishment on those who disclose the movement of governmental forces.

Egypt is one of the countries with severe Internet control. The state invested a fortune in Deep Packet Filtering bought from the leading US and European companies to block unwanted traffic, TOR and VPN, and blocks transfers to and from internet sites. The solutions used in Egypt are not 100% working: TOR with a special setup serves well, VPN’s with DPF evasion is also a good option. Some messengers are not working without VPN. Skype is one of them. General info on the Internet access in Egypt is available here.

New law explicitly prohibits filming and sharing movement of the governmental forces i.e. army, police and secret police. Please don’t film them in Egypt as you can get into trouble. Do not share negative views on the social media as you can get jailed for ‘insulting religion and inciting hatred’. Do not participate in demonstrations and sit-ins. Do not film protests or police. Don’t get involved in political and religious discussions. Don’t be critical. Trust no one. Be prepared that some of the sites and services will be unavailable while on tour. If you plane long stay learn some basics on TOR usage and VPN setup.

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