Maspero dead, Glory to Maspero

Maspero, one of the Cairo colorful districts was planed during the colonial times. The triangular plot has seen colonial charm, violent uprisings and violent executions, has been in full glory and full decay. As urbanization progressed Maspero has turned from prestigious landmark to the shanty town for the most impoverished citizens of the 20-million Cairo.

The problem with Maspero is simple: it is perfect plot inside the very center of one of the biggest cities in the world. In any other megapolis it will be developed into the elite commercial estates or fashionable high-end villas. But not in Egypt where construction is a subject of strict codex… which does not bothers anyone. The solution with Maspero was to compensate current population with some decent amount of money enough to move to the Imbaba and to demolish the district.

Yesterday demolition has started. Of course there were protests as the Masperians weren’t happy with compensation. Of course there is international media that takes out snapshots of ‘poor Egyptians oppressed by the evil autocrats’. But the truth is that old Maspero just needs to go and give a way to the new one, better suitable for the Cairo,

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