New era of political fairy tales has begun

Bob Woodward, a journalist has written the book “Fear: Trump in the White House”. This book is a brave attempt to display the current president as a fool and unstable personality. There is some words about Egypt and American-Egyptian relations, as well as personal relations between the leaders – Donald Trump and Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. It should be noted that Sisi has generally and cautiously supported Trump’s nomination while Trump has done much to turn the bad page and to build constructive and friendly relations withe the biggest Middle-Eastern country.

Quite the opposite is stated in the “Fear: Trump in the White House”. Here is what is known about allegedly some secret opinion of the US president. Known only to the Bob Woodward, as we can guess:

“Dowd, remember who I’m talking to,” Trump said, according to the “Fear: Trump in the White House”. “The guy’s a f***ing killer. This guy’s a f***ing killer! I’m getting it done. He’ll make you sweat on the phone. And right before we make the deal, Sissi [sic!] says” — the book describes the president as then assuming a “deep groveling voice” apparently intended to mimic Sissi’s—“Donald, I’m worried about this investigation. Are you going to be around? Suppose I need a favor, Donald?”

We were as equally non-present at the real conversation, if it ever taken place at all. However the whole tone is a mimic of the stereotypes. Sisi is the first president who congratulated Trump with a win back to 2016 as well as Trump was the first one to congratulate him back. There is a wide framework of contacts and in no case it was noted that the relations are somewhat rigged. As it should be if Trump treated Sisi as “f***ing killer”.

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