Top Brass delegation visits Washington

Do you remember that Abdell Fattah al-Sisi was one of the first presidents that actually supported Trump candidacy and was first who congratulated him when he has won? Sisi met Trump in 2016 and was able to underline that Trump is not in war with the Arabic World. Being elected Donald Trump has not forgotten it and has done much for restoring the US-Egypt cooperation. His adversaries at home have trying to prevent it, but the process is definitely started.

Trump did not hesitate to oppose the mainstream pressure to congratulate our president on the occasion of reelection in spring 2018.

“President Trump offered his sincere congratulations for President El Sissi’s success in the presidential elections, wishing Egypt progress and prosperity,” el-Sissi’s office said in a statement Monday. “He expressed the keenness of the U.S. to strengthen its strategic relations with Egypt in addition to continuing coordination and consultation on issues of mutual interest.”

Trump understands and stands for stability of Egypt as a cornerstone for the entire region. It is not only about the mutual congratulations – it is about cooperation.

The delegation of top brass from the Egypt has visited Washington DC in a framework of military cooperation.

Egyptian delegation had discussed with the congressmen and representatives of agencies concerned with bilateral cooperation and common interests Egypt’s efforts to secure regional shipping lanes and the Suez Canal and land and sea borders on various strategic fronts.

The Egyptian delegation reviewed in detail the efforts of the Egyptian Armed Forces to eradicate terrorism in the Sinai Peninsula.

In most meetings, representatives and senators agreed that what has been achieved in the past months to defeat terrorism represents an important qualitative leap that deserves support for Egypt in its current efforts.

David M Satterfield, US assistant secretary for Near Eastern affairs, told the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa that “in Egypt, our foreign assistance request includes $1.3 billion in Foreign Military Financing [FMF], supporting the Egyptian Armed Forces’ capacity to counter terrorism in Sinai, and to secure land and maritime borders.

“The United States will also continue funding priorities that advance American interests by strengthening the stability of the Egyptian state and the resiliency and prosperity of its 100 million people. For example, US assistance supports Egypt’s stability by helping to improve the quality of education and public health programmes, support responsive and accountable government institutions, and create opportunities for Egypt’s youth entering the workforce”

Egyptian-American military relations have recovered momentum after experiencing challenges over recent years as a result of the suspension of some cooperation programmes, and manifestations of restoring the momentum of the relationship are the resumption of the Bright Star exercises, increasing intelligence cooperation, and information exchange.

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