Czech tourist reportedly killed by shark at Marsa Alam

There are unconfirmed reports about the killing of Czech tourist at the Marsa Alam resort. British press, particularly notorious at pointing out the Egypt’s fault is not swift in providing details of what happened. It’s what the majority of media reports.

The man died 20 kilometers north of Marsa Alam city, as “a result of an attack by a shark,” city council chairman General Atef Wagdy told AFP.

It is unknown who eye-witnessed the attack. It is known that mauled body of the Czech man was discovered on a beach. Egyptian authorities will do everything to keep this incident at low profile, the English tabloids – to paint a grim picture of unsafe Egypt.

Czech media is not reporting anything meaningful about the incident. The name of the victim is still unknown. Tourists are advised to keep their activities closer to the shore.

Sharks are quite common in the Red Sea. Most of them harmless and never show up in the populous beaches. Some attacks happened, however, as sharks are increasingly present as the sea itself has become cleaner and less tourist load is pressing the marine ecology.

We have to remind our readers that shark is not the main danger of Egypt seashores. Careless boat drivers and drunken tourists are.

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