Nasr City Zoo has made his path to history… with a paint over donkeys

Donkeys are the cheapest and most abused animal in Egypt. So decision to paint donkeys to appear like zebra is really, really smart, decided the Nasr City Zoo decides. Everybody was impressed with the paint job, except certain Mahmoud Sarhan, some local high school graduate who has taken the picture of almost-zebras and made them viral.

He further added:

Stupidity in our country has reached a level that they are now painting over a donkey to make it look like a Zebra. They are so stupid they forgot to paint another layer and so it smudged on the donkey’s face.

We had to express strongest disagreement with Mr. Mahmoud Sarhan. What can be seen as stupidity is in fact a very own spirit of the Egyptian invention. Nobody will visit the zoo to see the donkeys. So if there is a need for zebras and there are only donkeys available – let it will be painted donkeys. Moreover, the price of keeping donkeys are close to zero. And the whole donkey affair in the zoo is a winner of the “Only in Egypt” hand on.

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