Tourism Ministry inspects Egypt buses in Alexandria

17 Egypt buses were stopped from operation and their owners penalized for three months as a punishment for violation of road safety rules during current inspection made by Tourism Ministry. According to Hisham Zaazou, minister of tourism, they were not properly registered according to law.

Three drivers were blacklisted by ministry for driving under influence of drugs. Three more drivers hacked into speed-controlling units of the buses, the inspection found. The inspection was carried out in Alexandria transport hub. As a result another 21 Egypt buses were found in a decent technical state.

Egypt struggles to reduce road accident rate, one of the worst in the world. Among most common violations that lead to crashes are speeding, driving under the influence of drugs, bad road conditions and virtual absence of traffic rules and inadequate enforcement of them by road police. Egypt buses are one of the most notorious violators.

By making sudden inspections Ministry of Tourism of Egypt buses plans to increase discipline and awareness among the tourist bus drivers and public transportation company operators.

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