Egyptian politic news

Egyptian politics is very complicated issue. There is a lot of internal politics issues and the country itself is a wild cross of great political ideas and influences. Nationalists Islamist, Pan-arabist, communist ideas are deeply rooted in political ground of Egypt. There is a lot of parties, a lot of models and ideals in country. However, generally politics is very delicate issue. It’s good tone not to start political debates with strangers. Same as religion – it is considered in Egypt that you should have some beliefs, but not cry about them on every corner of Egyptian street.

This category holds political news – news about internal and international politics in Egypt.


Putin visits Egypt: Part One

Presidential visit to Egypt was long prepared and premeditated. Putin has met Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi twice before on the Russian soil. Then came long period of debates and discussions about common paths of collaboration, which were held both on Cairo and Moscow conferences. At last they met in Cairo. What’s signed, what’s decided and what it will change in Middle East landscape?

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