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Egyptian politics is very complicated issue. There is a lot of internal politics issues and the country itself is a wild cross of great political ideas and influences. Nationalists Islamist, Pan-arabist, communist ideas are deeply rooted in political ground of Egypt. There is a lot of parties, a lot of models and ideals in country. However, generally politics is very delicate issue. It’s good tone not to start political debates with strangers. Same as religion – it is considered in Egypt that you should have some beliefs, but not cry about them on every corner of Egyptian street.

This category holds political news – news about internal and international politics in Egypt.

75 protesters in August 2013 Rabaa massacre sentenced to death

The true number of those killed and missed after the Rabaa massacres is still unknown. As with many other information in Egypt there is the official bodycount and the opposition bodycount. None of them are true, but by any measurement the series of the violent dispersions of the Mohamed Mosri supporter’s camps were a massacres of the huge scale. Please refer to this article should you wish to dive deeper in this topic.

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Egypt condemns Houthi attack on VLLC, urges resistance

Egypt is concerned about the temporarily halting of oil shipments through narrow and strategic Bab El-Mandeb strait. Saudi Arabia has implemented it in the wake of Houthi attack on the VLCC in the Red Sea. VLCC sustained a minimal damage, however the danger for the navigation is very high. Egypt reaction was to swiftly condemn the Houthi, a Shiite adversaries of the Saudi regime in the Yemen civil war.

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Top Brass delegation visits Washington

Do you remember that Abdell Fattah al-Sisi was one of the first presidents that actually supported Trump candidacy and was first who congratulated him when he has won? Sisi met Trump in 2016 and was able to underline that Trump is not in war with the Arabic World. Being elected Donald Trump has not forgotten it and has done much for restoring the US-Egypt cooperation. His adversaries at home have trying to prevent it, but the process is definitely started.

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Changes in the government will hurt Tunisian economy, – Youssef Chahed

Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said on Tuesday a change of government would put the economy at risk and shake the confidence of international lenders, rejecting the president’s call for him to stand down amid an economic crisis. President Beji Caid Essebsi this month urged Chahed to step down if the country’s political and economic problems persisted. Since the toppling of autocrat Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in 2011, nine cabinets have failed to resolve high inflation and unemployment. Turmoil and militant attacks have deterred tourists and investors, eroding living standards.

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