News of the Egyptian society

Egypt is the oldest country in the World. Through the centuries and millenniums Egypt was evolving under the rule of pharaohs, greeks, romans, arabs and turks, colonialists and autocrats. Constantly evolving Egypt has always kept his distinctive face and as a result is a home of unique nation. Egypt society bears a print of the civilization passed and is constantly growing, struggling, changing. Let’s not disguise traditionalism and lack of progress: despite being tied by traditions egyptian society is always on the track of modernization.

Do not run to teach egyptians about the state. Before proclaiming some wisdoms just remember – Egypt was united when most of our ancestors were wearing hides and living in caves. Have mercy!

This category consists of social, cultural and other all-important for the entire country news of Egypt.


Putting mobile Internet in Hurghada to the test

Hurghada is not especially developed when it comes to Internet availability. Landlines do exist only in the central areas of the city. New districts are relying on the 3G-connections. If you ever wondered how do they offer Internet-connection in hotels – wonder no more: they use the same 3G-dongles plugged in the Wi-Fi routers. If you plan to live in Hurghada for a long time or you definitely need a backup connection for the likely case of temporal shutdown of the hotel one then you should look at the 3G providers in Hurghada.

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