News of the Egyptian energetics

Energetics in Egypt is one of the most challenging branches of economy. The main source of electrical power during last 50 years – the Aswan hydroelectric plant is no longer capable to fulfill the needs of ever-growing population and industry. As a result Egypt is in state of constant power deficit and there is a lot of projects to solve the upcoming crisis locally. Some temporary relief is given by oil and gas electrical stations but theses small plants are generating quite expensive and locally consumed power.

Alternative energetics, including solar and wind power plants share very small part of common profile. Despite the good conditions for developing them in Egypt they remain no more than expensive toys.

The next major power for Egypt will be nuclear, and there is no other options. Hydro power is depleted, burning gas and oil is expensive and solar/wind is expensive and small-scale.

Putin visits Egypt: Part One

Presidential visit to Egypt was long prepared and premeditated. Putin has met Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi twice before on the Russian soil. Then came long period of debates and discussions about common paths of collaboration, which were held both on Cairo and Moscow conferences. At last they met in Cairo. What’s signed, what’s decided and what it will change in Middle East landscape?

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