News of the Egyptian Internet and communication

Internet is wildly popular in Egypt. All the young Egyptians are browsing Facebook for the news, friends and trends. However the structure of the net and content is still underdeveloped and is in the process of the rapid expansion. Internet and communication is important sector for the Egyptian economy and indeed an important part of the everyday life.

Internet 4G will be available in Egypt in 2016

Mobile Internet 4G will be available in Egypt by the first quarter of the year 2016. Minister Khaled Negm has announced that works are under way to implement mobile Internet connection of the next generation. The old copper wires are being replaced with optical fiber, the main data gate of Egypt is also modernized. Khaled Negm dismissed the rumors about mounting pressure towards state company Telecom Egypt not to enter the market with 4G license.

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Putting mobile Internet in Hurghada to the test

Hurghada is not especially developed when it comes to Internet availability. Landlines do exist only in the central areas of the city. New districts are relying on the 3G-connections. If you ever wondered how do they offer Internet-connection in hotels – wonder no more: they use the same 3G-dongles plugged in the Wi-Fi routers. If you plan to live in Hurghada for a long time or you definitely need a backup connection for the likely case of temporal shutdown of the hotel one then you should look at the 3G providers in Hurghada.

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